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4 Days In Prague (What To See)

4 Days In Prague (What To See) - The Adventure Found Me

Very few cities have as much to offer as Prague, so deciding how to spend your time there can be hard. In order not to miss anything important, it’s useful to plan ahead. After spending a few days exploring the city, I condensed the best Prague has to offer into this four-day itinerary. If you are looking for a way to organize your trip, I hope this will help you.

Sunrise on Charles Bridges

Sunrise on Charles Bridges


Old city: Staré Město            

Since I’m a morning person, I woke up around 5 am, and went to see the sunrise on Charles bridge… empty! It was really worth it, because unfortunately, during the day (and night) its packed with people. After that, me and my friend went to the Old Town Square, taking the usual touristy photos. First thing we saw was the most known attraction in Prague: the Astronomical clock, one of the most beautiful clocks in Europe. Note: remember that every hour it chime! After that, it was the turn of Tyn and St. Nicholas churches ring the square. St. Nicholas is open all day, but Tyn only in the mornings and late afternoons. Worth mentioning here, are the catacombs under the Old Town Hall. If you have time and you are interested there are underground tours which explores the hidden Prague.

Jewish Quarter: Josefov

jewish cemetery

Jewish Cemetery

The Jewish Quarter is located between the Old Town Square and the Vlatava River and it’s a very peculiar attraction. The monuments inside the walls, have survived the Nazi occupation and Adolf Hitler himself decided to preserve the “Jewish Ghetto” as a “Museum of an Extinct Race”. Inside there are six synagogues,  few museums and a historic graveyard to honor one of the largest Jewish communities in Europe. Unfortunately it’s the most expensive attraction of the city but it’s worth it.  

New City: Nové Město part. 1

After a long day of walking we decided to come back near our hotel in Nové Město to eat dinner and relax. The New Town has squares (Wenceslas Square is the biggest one) and historic buildings, around which the modern city has developed.


Small Quarter: Malá Strana part. 1

Wallenstein Palace

Wallenstein Palace

This morning we crossed Charles Bridge (not at 5 am this time!) and we explored the Small Quarter, a zone rich in beautiful baroque buildings, steep alleys and a hill that offers an amazing view of the Old City. The most notable attractions here were the Kafka Museum (a suggestive walk into the mind of a great writer), Wallenstein Palace, which is free to visit and has an amazing garden full of peacocks, and Saint Nicholas Church on the hill.

Prague Castle (Hradčany)

Strahov Monastery

Strahov Monastery

The famous Prague Castle is a Majestic complex, which lords over  Prague, it consists of multiple sections: St. Vitus Cathedral (the most famous structure), the Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica, the Powder Tower, Golden Lane with Daliborka Tower and Rosenberg Palace. Take a walk around the castle and you will be able to see for free a nice garden and the Belvedere, a summer palace built by Ferdinand I. If you walk more up the hill, you will reach Loreta, a large pilgrimage destination. It consists of a cloister, the church of the Lord’s Birth, and the clock tower Santa Casa with a famous Chime. The last beautiful attraction that you will find on the hill, is Strahov Monastery, there you should stop to visit the library and the theological room.

Petrín Park

Petrín Park is the city’s biggest park, it’s beautiful and it offers an amazing view of the city. There is a garden, a maze, and a tower that looks a lot like the Eiffel Tower. It’s so easy to waste an entire afternoon in there! Keep in mind that this park is located on top of a big hill, and getting there can be tiring so there is a funicular that can take you up and down the hill if you don’t want to trek or you’re in a hurry.

John Lennon Wall: Malá Strana part. 2

John Lennon Wall

After descending the hill, we were back in Malá Strana. I am a big Beatles fan, so I had to stop and visit the John Lennon Wall. In 1980s, students started writing John Lennon lyrics on this wall as a way to Honor the artist. Tourists are allowed to write and paint on it too!


Troja Palace

troja palace

On day 3 we decided on a trip outside of Prague to se Troja, a Baroque palace just outside Prague. It is easy to reach thanks to the bus 112. The amazing thing about this palace is that there are not many tourists so you can explore it in peace, but it doesn’t deserve the lack of attention! The structure is well preserved, the exhibit is interesting and it allows you to see the inside of the Palace (paid admission) and the garden is beautiful (free admission). On the opposite side of the Palace there is Pragues Zoo if you want to visit it.

New City: Nové Město part. 2

When we came back we went to see what we missed in the New City, such as Faust House, the churches, Charles Square and the botanical garden.



Vyšehrad is a castle located in the southern part of the city. Within the riuns there is the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, which features an amazing stone mosaic above its entry, and the Vyšehrad Cemetery, which contains the tombs of many famous people from Czech history. Few tourists come here, so you can enjoy the castle and the view more.


Church of St. Peter and St. Paul

Explore the streets of Prague

From the castle, you can walk along the river and back into the center to either explore the remaining streets, squares and buildings you want to see or you can head to a park and relax!

Enjoy Prague Nightlife

I’m not a big fan of nightlife but my friend is, so we compromised and we went to see the city center at night and we got to enjoy a different side of Prague, full of people meeting and partying, if that is your thing, this city has a lot to offer and just so you know: beer is cheaper than water!

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Wow, I need to revisit Prague. We were only there for a couple of days and the weather was a downer then. Prague Castle and the John Lennon wall look esp intriguing!

Hello Backpack

Great itinerary! We’ve never been to Prague but definitely going to plan a trip soon now 🙂


I did not make it to Czech republic when I was in Europe! I agree, sometimes waking up early gives up the best pictures and the feel the city/town with hardly any people in it!!! Prague Castle too looks incredibly gorgeous!


This is a super useful post, it’s great to see the highlights of a place before going. I love your photography and Prague Castle looks just stunning!


Very nice pics and tips! Prague is one of my favourite cities in Europe… Have you been at the holocaust memorial?


Pinning this post. we are going to Czech and Poland for 2 weeks this October and I’m collecting all the information I can. We had tentatively put aside a week for Czech and seeing your post, it seems the right amount of time.


Prague looks like such a lovely city! I would love to come visit one day. What stunning archticture.


I was planning to visit Prague next month but decided to skip it this time. Bad choice I guess 😉 I’ll put it on top of my list again. Beautiful city!


Great post! Ive been in Prague few times already but I feel like its always more more to discover! Your post is so informative! Beautiful !

Hang Around The World

We have to visit Prague later this year therefore your article sounds perfect for us! We’d like to visit the Troja Palace that looks like so luxurious and we love Baroque style.
Thank you for the overview!


Sounds like you condensed a lot into 4 days 😀 Looks wonderful – fairplay getting up. I love seeing sunrises in different countries. Makes it feel very special.

The Global Bazaar

I’ve always wanted to visit Prague. It looks like such an amazing city! Very helpful post.


Those photos of Prague Castle are stunning, and I had no idea about the Jewish Quarter. I am fascinated by Holocaust history, so that is definitely on my list!


This looks right up my alley. I love castles and cathedrals. Basically anything old! I’m also an early riser which makes for the best shots!


Nice photos, it looks so charming. Love the Strahov Monastery, it’s like some beautiful scenery for a movie. 🙂 You are so right, it’s important to plan ahead when traveling to a place with so many things to see. Thanks!


I haven’t made it to Prague yet, but would love to. The Jewish Quarter would be high on my list to experience. As well, one I have’t heard of, the Torja Palace, seems like a place worth exploring. I like that there are few tourists and the palace plus gardens are available to explore.


I’ve heard many great things about Prague, but have yet to visit. This 4-day itinerary looks perfect for my visit, thanks!


I have been to Prague when I was fifteen years old but unfortunately I can’t remember that much anymore. Although I do remember the clock! Anyway, I would love to go back there one day. Very useful post!


I love Prague and I’ve been there five times. It’s good to know that I haven’t seen it all. Troja palace sounds tempting to attend in future. Thanks for sharing.