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Camping Gear For Beginners

Camping Gear For Beginners

Recently I’ve tried camping for the first time, and, as a first attempt, I think it came out pretty good. Of course, I brought with me someone who was experienced with camping, so it was probably what saved my trip. I’ve always been curious about it, but being born in a family that doesn’t love camping, didn’t encourage me to try it before.

Now, I can finally say that I love it. Although, I wish I had a list (I love making lists) of all the gear that I needed to bring. So in this post, I’ll list all the camping gear that you will need.

1. Tent

Let’s start with the obvious. Of course this is one of the most important items that you’ll have with you. You don’t need a super expensive one as a beginner, there are many valid cheap ones as well, but they will surely be more difficult to put together.

2. Backpack

I used two backpacks for camping. A small one that I use to hike throughout the day, and a 40 litre one to put all the camping gear and food. If you don’t have one and you first want to make sure that you enjoy camping before buying it, you can rent it. There are so many sites that do it, like this one.

3. Sleeping Bags and Pads

Sleeping bags are not very comfortable to carry around, but really necessary. There are so many out there to choose from, but you need to look for something that will keep you very warm, because, during the night, the temperature drops a lot. As a pad I used a yoga mat because it was basically the only one that I had, but it did the job. 


4. Flashlight

In the dark of night you need light. This will be an essential. Best ones are lanterns or headlamps. If you don’t have one and you don’t want to spend your money on it, use the flashlight of your phone, it’s not going to be as bright as a lamp, but it’s better than nothing. 

5. Self-Filtering Water Bottle

Make sure you bring a lot of water on your camping trip, but in case you run out, it’s always a good idea to have a self-filtering water bottle.

6. Trash Bags and Sanitary Wipes

Not glamorous, but essential. You need somewhere to throw the trash, especially food, otherwise, you’re going to attract bugs.

Sanitary wipes are also a necessity, they are not only useful for the “bathroom”, but also to wash yourself in the morning. 


7. Spare Clothes

You might want to bring a change of clothes for the morning, you don’t want to live in the same clothes for days and nights.

8. Food in Tupperware

The best advice that I can give you, is to prep the food beforehand. This way you won’t have to bring cooking accessories with you and you’ll travel lighter. A great and easy recipe that you can make is a nice rice salad. Then put the food in Tupperware, I’ve found that it works wonders while camping.

9. Safety Gear

Some extra items that might come in handy for you safety:

  • First aid kit
  • Protective spray
  • Pocket knife
  • Lighter or fire starter

10. Extras

You might have the opportunity to snap some very cool photos while camping, so bring some photography gear of your choice. I used my Iphone as always, and if you are interested in upping your photographic game, here are my tips on how to take better photos with your phone. 

That is all the gear that you need to make your camping trip a success. Have a safe trip and good luck!

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Great list, I am taking all of them with me when I camp. I have to admit that I love to cook while I am camping, for me nothing is better than a tea or a soup in the morning. The cooking gear can be quite small and useful if you know what to bring. Thanks for sharing!


My kids are always talking about going camping… and I took the first step and got them an awesome tent. now we just need to organise the rest! thanks for sharing a great list!


Glad your campout was a success! You were prepared just like a Boy Scout.


Some great gear, I’m a huge camper so I have most of these already but these are great for beginners. I’m totally interested in that filtering water bottle though.


Awesome tips. I would love going camping someday. I believe all these gear is needed to make a smooth camping experience.


I am not big fan of camping! I like comfy beds and AC 🙂 But great post, very useful informations.