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How To Go Zip-Lining in Italy - The Adventure Found Me
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How to Go Zip Lining in Italy

Recently I was desperately looking for something adventurous to do, and then…I discovered something badass. Here in Italy, you’ll find the longest zip line of the Alps! So, of course, I had to try it. The place is called…

10 Unforgettable Waterfalls in Italy - The Adventure Found Me
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10 Unforgettable Waterfalls in Italy

Italy is well known for a lot of things like food, style, art and history, but did you know that we have beautiful waterfalls as well? With the arrival of spring, my waterfall chase has started again, and I…

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15 Reasons Why You Should Visit Turin

Before I started blogging, I made a list of all the places I’ve been to in my life: when I need an idea for an article I open it up, and I pick one. What I realized, is that I’ve…

Santorini photos the adventure found me
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Santorini Photos

Here are my favorite photos taken in Santorini! I shared some of them on Instagram but I thought you might like them in a gallery. If you are curious about my itinerary: I started in Fira, where I explored the…