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The Deadly Truth About Trash

trash in the wild

Once a week I try to immerse myself in nature. It keeps me sane. Walking into untainted ground can ease my mind, bringing peace and joy. I treasure those moments like gold, they make me realize how lucky I am to walk the Earth. All went downhill when, one day, while strolling the woods, I was met with a very disappointing surprise: countless bags of trash. They were just laying there, abandoned to rot.

So, what’s wrong with trash? Plenty. Plastic in particular is the root of many environmental problems. It pollutes, contributing to the death of animals. When trash (plastic in particular) gets tossed into the oceans, animals eat it. If you don’t want to do it for the animals, do it for yourselves, you eat the meat of animals, that is polluted by the trash that they come in contact with.

The oceans are dying because of all the plastic that gets thrown into it. There are islands, outside of public scrutiny that are completely covered in trash, but because we don’t see that the problem is there.

I might sound upset, and I am. My curse is that I care too much, about life, about people and the environment, I care about everything, and I would hate to see it destroyed. If I didn’t care it would be so much easier, I could just go mindlessly trough my day, but I’m not like that. In this society that pushes us to be insensitive: I care.

Trash in the wild

Sometimes I think “Why am I even bothering with this?” I know that taking care of the planet is not a priority for the majority of people.

My consolation, is that I believe in the power that single individuals have. You can change things alone, history has proved that countless of times. There are also plenty of people worldwide, who are passionate about preserving the beauty of this planet.

I love sharing about the environment, so I wrote a few posts on the topic, and the reaction… was quite good, which is encouraging! It means that more people are taking an interested in doing what’s good.

So, to sum up everything: why should we bother with the issue? To put it simply, because Earth is beautiful and worth saving.

Isn’t that enough?

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