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What Almost Destroyed My Blog

What Almost Destroyed My Blog

This is probably my most personal post yet, but I felt compelled to write it. In April, I had a bit of a struggle when it comes to blogging, and there were a few reasons that made me thought about quitting. Don’t worry, I’ve got my motivation back now and I’m stronger then ever; but I hope this post will help if you are struggling with your creativity.

What Happened

So… let’s start by saying that I love creating, I always have. Creating both textual and graphic content gives me a sense of fulfilment. Then why did I feel unhappy doing what I love the most?

One of the reasons, was that I felt the pressure of always having a life that people could envy; always travelling or seeing something new, and it was becoming this cycle of dissatisfaction where I felt like I always needed to do more. But life isn’t always exciting and making it appear as such, doesn’t do any good to anybody.

I feel compelled to show life as it is, sometimes really interesting, sometimes really boring. Also, you can find joy in everything, from seeing your friends to climb a mountain. If you do, you’ll feel much lighter and with less responsibility to conform to impossible and fake standards.

Another reason for my blog crisis, was the eternal quest to find a niche. If you want a succesful blog, you have to find your niche. Frankly, I don’t like to categorize myself. Only writing about my travels, would mean that a big part of what I can offer to my readers wouldn’t be expressed. That’s why I decided to open different sections in my blog: I love adventure, the environment, minimalism and more, so who says I can’t do it all?

I was beginning not to enjoy blogging anymore, finding it almost an imposition, and I felt like I wasn’t expressing my true nature. I’m so much more than my travels, I’m more than a person that loves the environment, I want to explore all.

I felt like my early blogging days were the best, I didn’t know what I was doing and I loved it, I didn’t care about numbers because I only did what I loved, thinking of myself first. I was happy creating and that’s all that mattered.

mountains shot

What I Did

Recently I gave myself some time off (meaning I published less) and, every time I sat down to write I thought: “What’s important to me?”. Inevitably, the answer was: anything that interests me.

Writing is a selfish endeavour, when you write, you do it for yourself. If other people enjoy your writing…that’s great! Yet, most people write because they feel they have something to say. Book deals or guest post on prestigious newspapers are just a nice extra, if you’re lucky enough.

It may not be the best career move, but right now, I feel more interested in doing something creative and helpful. Above all, this is my hobby and I do it because I enjoy it.

So, dear fellow bloggers, here’s my advice: experiment. If you find that something doesn’t work for you, just take a step back and try again. Don’t be afraid to publish posts outside of your “norm”. Also, always remember to enjoy it.

If you’re just blogging for the sake of it or to meet deadlines, it’ll show in your work.

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Great post. We understand this pressure as well. But it is even more satisfying if you generate this content over all struggles 🙂


Life really doesn’t have to be extra special all the time, not even when you’re a blogger. The difference that a blogger/writer/creative can make is shining a new light on the ordinary. And perhaps that’s enough.
There is so much going on about niche and all the things you should do,… Tricks might work but an authentic life and voice can never be beaten in my opinion 🙂


Thank you for this honest post! I can absolutely relate to this situation. When I tried to stick to deadlines and my self-imposed rule of publishing one post per week, I slowly lost the fun I once had while blogging. Now, without all the pressure, the fun has returned. I also think that your blog gets unique if you blog about what you find interesting instead of finding this one niche that nobody else has discovered yet. I guess it’s authenticity and personality which attracts readers 🙂

Jill Douglas

Thanks for putting that out there! I think I´ve been going through the same thing–or fearing that writing about everything that interests me would turn off some of my readers. But, like you said, the blog is MY hobby, so I´ll just continue to write about what interests ME. Who cares if anyone else is interested?

Good for you! And I bet plenty of others are interested in the other facets of what makes you tick, too! 😉

I needed to read that today!

Boho Slage

I understand you completely, and I had the same struggle. But we always find our way. <3