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Go Green While Travelling With This 7 Useful Tips

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We all love to travel, but what if there wasn’t a world to see anymore? I know that this might come off a little apocalyptic, but we have to think about our impact on the Earth, now more then ever. 2017 is the International Year of Sustainable Tourism, so, why not share some helpful travel hacks to reduce our impact on this planet. Some things, like carbon emissions from transport, simply can’t be avoided, but there are other choices that we can make individually that can save the world. If you have other suggestions, please, feel free to write them in the comments!

1. Fly less, Road Trip More

There are so many airlines that offer very cheap flights, but one of the worst things that we could do to our planet is abusing of this transport just to zigzag our way through a continent. Sure, planes are perfect if you need to get to a specific point in a short amount of time. But if you plan to tour Europe for example, there are better solutions for the environment, like train, buses or car sharing services. So road trip more and, as a reward, you’ll get to experience a whole new side of travelling and the Earth will thank you. Backpacking and camping are also a great way of doing the travel business in a greener way.

If flying is your only option, pick a direct flight. Eliminating layovers, will benefit both your mental sanity and the environment. In fact, the highest amount of fuel is used for takeoff and landing. Also, if you can choose between airlines, you might want to take a look at the fuel-efficiency ranking.

2. Make Greener Reservations

Another way to help the environment is to pick a eco-friendly hotel. There are many ways to find them. If you already have the name of the hotel where you wish to stay, then you can insert their address on Green Key global, which will give you sustainability ratings. However, if you’ve never looked much into eco-travelling, you can use an app called Green Globe, which lists eco-friendly accommodations.

The ideal lodging, if you are visiting a city, will be one located in the centre. That will allow you to walk around, use public transports or rent a bike.

3. Pack Less And Smart

Only bring with you the essential, the items that you’ll need for sure. Try to cut back on toiletries, because that usually takes up too much space. A great brand of toiletries is LUSH. In their packaging, they manage to reduce waste. Their shampoo bar, for example, is a great and plastic free! All of their products, like conditioner and soaps, also come in pakaging-free options for the greener souls. If you planning to do some shopping where you are going, a reusable bag will prove essential.

4. Bring a Reusable Bag… Everywhere

Reusable bags are your friends and, most importantly, they are friends of the Earth. Keep one with you and you’ll be very likely to use it in multiple occasions. Aside from carrying groceries in them, you could also use them as an emergency purse if you need to transport something, you never know. You may get some weird looks at the supermarket, sure, but who cares, you are doing the right thing. Plastic grocery bags are the worst when it comes to polluting; their impact on wildlife is horrible.

Greener world travel hacks

5. Use Self-Filtering Water Bottles

Plastic is the enemy number one of the environment, so please, let’s do something about it. If you are always thirsty like I am, you might spend a lot of money on water bottles while travelling. My advice is to bring a self filtering bottle like this one from Brita: you can fill it up in your hotel/hostel room for free! If I forget to bring one, I buy a large water bottle and I refill it as soon as I get the chance. Around once a week, I replace it to prevent bacterial growth.

6. Bring a Lunch Box/ Cutlery Set

A great solution to reduce food waste is to bring a lunch box with you. Helpful if you go to the restaurant for leftovers, or if you want to carry around what you cooked. Basically all restaurants don’t use eco-friendly packaging for leftovers, such as aluminum foil or plastic containers. A foldable silicone Tupperware can be a great solution and it won’t take up much space in your bag. Also, to go with your lunch box, bring a cutlery set, it can always come in handy. Some of the best sets you can find are wooden ones, and know that, by doing this, you’ll reduce plastic waste.

7. Contain Your Shopping Frenzy (Aka Buy Less Souvenirs)

Even if the best souvenirs are your photos, you might have the duty to bring to your family a souvenir from your last trip, or you might enjoy having something to remember your holiday by. Whatever the reason, if we must buy souvenirs we should try to find some made locally and with materials such as wood or ceramics.  Please, avoid ‘Made in China’, cheap and unoriginal objects. Not only they are almost all made of plastic, they are also badly manufactured, and, by buying them, you’ll increase the demand. The shops will simply buy a replacement, enhancing a market that promotes exploiting and pollution. To give you an idea, in Amsterdam, I bought a small wooden vase with tulips in it. Other great ideas of souvenirs are edible ones, like sweets. From Lisbon, I brought back to my family pastéis de nata (custard tart) and they loved them!

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Great post. It’s so important to keep our Earth in mind while travelling and to make small steps towards sustainable tourism. It’s so true people end up buying way too many souvenirs while away that really ends up in a box or forgotten. It’s important to be mindful of the things we buy.


Great and useful tips! Unfortunately,I made that mistake of zig zagging across south east Asia.


What a great post! We also love to travel light! We are full time travers and this is a must. About the souvenirs? We take away pictures and memories!


Absolutely agree with you, Chiara. I am a travel blogger myself and hate it when I see people being irresponsible on their travels.


Not only is this greener but also cheaper. I like it.

Kallie Elizabeth

What an awesome post. I love all these suggestions for staying green.

Vincent Vagabond

Good advice!! I’d add, walk around cities by foot (or bicycle) rather than public transport whenever you can, always decline plastic bags in supermarket or shops.


What a great post, many people love to travel. Great tips on what to do, and what not to do.

Lieutenant Neha

This is a great post. I love visiting valleys cause all the way what you’ll see is greenery of Earth all around.


This is really helpful! These are tips that we should all implement.


Really enjoyable and indeed useful post. Certainly, I have been trying to be better with my carbon footprint of late as, unfortunately, I’ve just seen way too many places ravaged by human activity. I guess it helps that I have a deathly fear of flying though!


We also love road trips more than flights, so whenever we can, we rent a car and just start exploring. Yet I must confess I’m still learning how to pack light, it’s not easy at all! 😀


Thanks for the tips! I always wanted to try this and I have done lots of trips by the road instead of flying!

Thelittlelai: Beyond limits

You’re a true example of responsible traveler that cares about our mother Earth. I really like how you write this article. This will surely be a voice of our mother earth. Thank you so much for sharing such a helpful tips with us. I agree with all what you have written here and eventually I’m practicing it as well. I hope that other travelers will take this into consideration as well. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

LaiAriel R. Samangka

Mel Butler

Good post, you have some great tips there. I think we do sometimes forget that the things we do when travel can ruin the earth. I love road trips, so I always prefer to drive and not fly where it is possible.


Nice tips. More and more focus is on responsible tourism and this is a step in right direction if we want to save our planet.


Great points. I’d always choose road over fly, but to be honest, that’s more because I hate flying. Anyway, keep up the great work and happy travels!


i LOVE all these tips! I think it’s SO important to be conscientious of the environment whilst travelling, as beautiful environments and landscapes are why most of us go hunting for new adventures!

Roadtripping is such a good point! I love using websites like Blablacar to find road trip buddies as it’s affordable, environmentally friendly by filling up a full car rather than going separately and it’s such a great way to make new friends!


Some good points for ethically concious travelers! Especially the filter bottles, I have been to so many places where wastage disposal and recycling is non existent and all of the plastic bottles consumed cause a massive problem!


These are great tips. Thank you.

Zel Galban

This is such a great post! Your tips are very helpful. Thanks for sharing. Great read!

Sandy N Vyjay

Great tips! Your tips would serve as a useful pointers to others. And it’s nice to travel and knowing you are not hurting the environment and doing your mite to protect it. It is the duty of every traveler to be aware of and help in conserving the environment.


I recently became interested in the minimalist approach to life as I feel we don’t need as many things as we have to live a good life. Your post reminds me that we can still have quality travels without damaging the planet! Thank you for the reminder!


These are some great tips and they reminded me of my trip to Chile, where I visited Pucon, a town that has banned plastic bags. There almost every hostel is recycling and the entire town has gone green!


Useful tips, Chiara! Green Globe sounds like a handy app – will definitely look into it. Another one I try to abide by is use less plastic straws (or no straws) when I travel.