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Himalayan Salt Lamp: Why We Should All Have One

Himalayan Salt Lamps Why We All Should Own One

Himalayan salt lamps are my newest obsession. If you don’t know what they are, fear not. I’m about to introduce you to the amazing world of salt lamps and all of their benefits.

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I love the aesthetic of yor blog so much! Salt lamps are so beautiful, I’ve never seen one in real life but, by your photos, they look so calming

Iza (@IzaAbao)

These are all wonderful benefits of having this Himalayan salt lamp. I take a pinch of Himalayan salt when I eat fruits and drink water. I want to have this lamp because I cannot sleep right away sometimes.


I’ve heard of Himalayan rock salt as my brother puts it in his water, this is the first I’ve read about a salt lamp. I like the idea they reduce anxiety, promote peaceful sleep and reduce depression.

The Travel Bias (@thetravelbias)

Well, I learned something today. I didn’t know what a Himalayan salt lamp was. Thanks a lot for this insight.