What will happen after the blooming is over

The owners will sell the remaining tulips in a U-Pick event, and they will leave the camp to a farmer that will let the land rest.

How to Get There

The adress is Viale della Repubblica 130 – Cornaredo (MI). If you want to reach the field of tulips with public transports you can do it but it’s going to be long. You’ll need to reach the metro station of M1 Molino Dorino, then take a bus that follows this route Magenta – Vittuone – Bareggio. Your stop will be San Pietro all’Olmo (near Viale della Repubblica). After that there’s a 15-20 minutes walk on a bike lane.

Different story if you own a car. You can easily get there and there are 2 big parking spots, one in front of the field and a second one in the back. There are other parking spots as well. I found one at around 400 m because the others were full.