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I’m Back! What I’ve Been Up To

I'm back

Hey I’m back! It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog, and I apologize. So today I’m sitting down to write about what happened to me this past month.

What Happened

It all started with a fever. It lasted me more that usual because I was moving constantly, but not by choice. At the beginning of August, I was robbed online of all the money that I gained so far blogging. And my constant moving was due to bureaucratic issues. The money I had gained were my pride, my first income that came from my hard work and by my ability to create. I was so down emotionally and feelings of hopelessness for the human race engulfed me. How can someone do something like this is beyond my comprehension. Anyway, I’m not going to much into details in this post but If you are interested let me know and I’ll explain everything.

After that misadventure, I’ve realized that I needed a break, to figure out where I was going. I didn’t take one in a year and it was starting to take its toll on me. So I went somewhere without internet connection for a couple of weeks, a safe heaven in which I could recharge mentally and physically.

During my stay immersed in nature, I relaxed (meaning I climbed and explored around, I just can’t sit still anyway) and I realized that how you treat your body is everything. Not pushing yourself to meet deadlines all the time is important, as well as not putting for yourself too many deadlines. I’m certainly guilty of that. I realized again what it means living.

On a side note, I’ve also been trying to eat plant based, and I love it!

What Will Happen

Now a new adventure is about to start, when this post will be up, I’ll be on a plane for Copenhagen, and I’ll be staying there for the Erasmus program for 5 months. I’m excited and scared at the same time, it’s like my urban baptism of fire, a series of trials that I have to overcome to call myself an adult. It will be a changing experience I’m sure of it, as all the experiences in life are.

I can’t wait to see what will happen, and I’d love to update you guys more on life developments. Maybe you’ll find it interesting, maybe not. Personally I love to read about how we grow into the people that we are meant to become. Also it’s an outlet for my feelings, a sort of diary.

Thank you for existing, you are in my heart every step of my way. Love you guys and I’ll try not to be a stranger!

I'm back

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So sad to hear about what happened to you but I’m glad you’re okay and that you are taking some time for yourself