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Star Wars in Lake Como: Visiting the Real-life Naboo

Star Wars in Lake Como - The Adveture Found Me 3

Here are two facts about me: one, I’m a huge nerd and two, I grew up watching Star Wars. So, when I found out that one of the filming locations of Episode II: Attack of the Clones was on Lake Como, I HAD to go and have a look. The area around the lake is very scenic, so scenic in fact, that it was used as the setting for the stunning planet Naboo.

So… without further ado, here they are, the filming locations near Lake Como, enjoy!

Villa del Balbianello

Do you recall all the romantic scenes between Padmé and Anakin on Naboo? Well, most of them were shot in Villa del Balbianello. This villa was originally a monastery and it now belongs to the National Trust of Italy.

Villa del Balbianello is the Lake retreat where Padmé and Anakin hid from those who wanted to assassinate Amidala and where their clandestine marriage took place.

Star Wars in Lake Como - The Adveture Found Me 1

First stop is the Garden terrace, where the protagonists of the movie have a long talk. This terrace was also filmed from another side when they kissed. Also, here’s where the wedding scene from the end of Episode II took place.

Other movie locations in here are the lake wall, where Padmé arrived by boat, and the Loggia, which is probably the most iconic part of the Villa. The Loggia didn’t appear in Star Wars for long, you can see it when Anakin stares at the horizon. It also appeared in the movie Casino Royale.

Star wars lake como the adventure found me

Located in the west wing, there’s a small room, which was used as Padmé’s bedroom, but those scenes never made it to the final cut (but you can watch them on the DVD extras).

Note: If you want to visit the villa, don’t go there in winter because it’s usually closed.

Picnic Meadow

Not very far from the lake is the meadow where the cheesy picnic scene was shot. The location of the field is in Griante but finding the exact spot where they sat is hard. Also, the mountains in the back were digitally enhanced, you can find some behind the scenes shots online that will give you an idea.

How To Get There

All of the locations are in the south-left branch of the Lake. The villa is located in Tremezzo, while the meadow in Griante. It’s very easy to get there if you have a car. From Como, just head in the direction of Tremezzo: the road runs along the lake.

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The place looks so nice! I love Star Wars, thanks for sharing, I was always curious about where Naboo was

Kirstin (thetinberrytravels)

This is such a cool place to visit. So beautiful just on it’s own but love the Star War connection!

Sona Jain

I am a star wars fan and would love to see any site that exists which reminds of it! Haha. Glad to see you guys enjoying it!


I love visiting movie location! I tried watch Star Wars once but unfortunately I didn’t like it 😀 Although this lake looks wonderful! I would visit it no matter what:)


Ha! That top photo is a perfect reproduction of the scene in the film. Let’s hope your relationship turns out better than theirs did. 🙂


Oh man! I gotta go! I’m a huge star wars fan, but this place looks incredible even without the star wars angle!


I would have never expected that Lake Como could be a filming location of a film like Star Wars, but I guess as I am not a Star Wars fan, I can’t judge properly.


Oh yes, I do recognize the place from the movie! 😀 Love that Grand Terrace, such an amazing view. Would have to go there soon! 🙂


Wow this is really beautiful! I cannot remember the movie very clearly or recall these scenes. I need to watch it again to refresh my memory. Absolutely gorgeous spot and no wonder they used it in the movie 🙂

Ami Bhat

Must be so nice to find the same locations as your favorite characters. I am not a huge star wars fan but can understand the thrill given I felt that way abt harry Potter