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Malmö In A Day: What To Do And See

You probably know Malmö as the city where the first Ikea was born, but there so much more to it. Since I’m staying in Copenhagen, and the two cities are just divided by a bridge, I jumped on the occasion…

trash in the wild
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The Deadly Truth About Trash

Once a week I try to immerse myself in nature. It keeps me sane. Walking into untainted ground can ease my mind, bringing peace and joy. I treasure those moments like gold, they make me realize how lucky I…

10 Unforgettable Waterfalls in Italy - The Adventure Found Me
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10 Unforgettable Waterfalls in Italy

Italy is well known for a lot of things like food, style, art and history, but did you know that we have beautiful waterfalls as well? With the arrival of spring, my waterfall chase has started again, and I…