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How To Plan a Trip to Satorini on a Budget . The Adventure Found Me
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How to Plan a Trip to Santorini on a Budget

Since my last article about Santorini, I’ve received a few questions about how I planned my trip to the Island on a budget. Santorini is known to be a pretty expensive location all year-long due to its popularity. In…

Liebster Award - The Adveture Found Me
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Liebster Award Winning Blog!

And the Liebster Award goes to… Adventure Found Me! It feels so surreal that my blog is now an Award winning one. I started it barely a month ago and I didn’t have the faintest idea that it would have…

is having wanderlust bad?
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Is Having Wanderlust Bad?

“Not all those who wander are lost” What is Wanderlust? The word wanderlust comes from the german language and it literally means “a strong desire to travel”. This romantic term is linked to aimless wandering, a wish to escape…

4 Days in Amsterdam (What to See) - The Adventure Found Me
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4 Days in Amsterdam (What to See)

Despite being small, Amsterdam is a variegated city full of art galleries, lively markets and bright colors. Here you can either enjoy the historical and artistic side of the city or you can entertain yourself with the many attractions…