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A Turin in Pink: A Colored Mystery In The Streets Of Italy

Turin Turns Pink - The Adventure Found Me

It happens at night. When everyone’s asleep, somebody wanders the streets of Turin to give a touch of color: pink. Around the streets of the capital of Piedmont, since a few weeks,  objects appear colored in a bright pink. Phone boots, benches, fountains, mailboxes and the list goes on. It’s impossible not to notice them.

When And Where Did It Start

The attacks of vandalism have started in Piazza Madama Cristina at the beginning of March. Then, they moved into the south part of San Salvario. Now, almost in every part of Turin you can see objects coloured in pink.

Who’s Behind It

A Turin in Pink A Colored Mystery In The Streets bench

Who’s behind the acts remains a mystery, as the motives that pushes him, her or them to do it. The Press called the author Mister Pink, but it could also be Miss Pink or a group of people. Or it could even be that the author of the first piece doesn’t have anything to do with the others.

Even if we don’t know for sure who did it, there are a few theories. At first, people believed it was done by young people that took part in the demonstration of May the 1st, and some still believe that. Others believe it to be a publicity stunt to sponsor the “Giro d’Italia”. Another theory sees it to be a feminist protest, supported by the fact that the city is not opposed to pink on special occasions. For example, on the 8th of March, the Mole Antonelliana was illuminated with that color.
Other people believe that the author was inspired by the person who painted the mermaid of Copenhagen in 2006 to protest.

My guess is that the vandal is a student at the University of Turin. Do I have proofs? No, but what I know is that the acts started in San Salvario, which is a quarter of Turin where students usually go to have fun at night. Then another pink fountain was spotted in front of the University. Seems like they are targeting zones that uni students frequent.

Another Mystery For Turin

Not all people likes these changes: some considers them pure vandalism to condemn, while others a pacific protest.

Whoever’s responsible, for sure is letting others talk about them and it enhance the aura of mystery behind the situation.

Turin isn’t certainly a stranger to mystery, the city is well known for its stories about magic. The story of the city in pink, could become another myth to add to the list, at least, until everything comes back to it’s original color.

A Turin in Pink A Colored Mystery In The Streets Of Italy

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OMG back when I couldn’t stand the colour pink, this would have been a nightmare – like being engulfed by the only colour I dislike… How curious though.


That’s really interesting! While I am a HUGE fan of bright colors (especially pink), it would definitely be interesting to learn about the background for the painting. How do they choose what to paint, and when?


It would be interesting to see all of the different areas now. We were in Turin last August and it would be cool to go back and see everything that is now in pink compared to what it was before.

Wanderlust Vegans

That is pretty cool to see all those things pink. I wonder what theory is right. Either way it’s great.

Wanderlust Vegans

That is cool to see all those things pink. I wonder what theory is right. Regardless it is a cool idea for vandalism.

Paula - Gone with the Wine

Very interesting! I kind of like the colour though, even though it is of course not ok to go around painting things. I hope you come back to tell us who did them after they get caught.


I love the color pink, but not sure how I feel about this shade. Interesting how people in these communities aren’t in an uproar. It would certainly be a different reaction for the people in my community in New England.

Linger Abroad

Really weird and intriguing. Could be a social experiment; some will like it while others don’t. Will be interesting to see how it plays out


What an interesting story, it must be strange waking up and something else has been painted pink. I can imagine ‘Mister Pink’ (or Miss Pink) gets quite a buzz out of turning Turin pink!


Very intriguing! I wonder if the culprit(s) will ever come forward. I’d be curious if the town officials see this the same as the view graffiti?

Iza (@IzaAbao)

I do not hate or love pink. It depends on where I see it. The shade of pink that was used is too bright. They did not even paint properly and clean the surroundings, for example the bench. I like people who make street arts and sculptures but it should be tasteful and pleasant. Turin is a beautiful city so it should stay that way.


I love the colour pink so think this is really interesting and brightens the place up. However I guess it still is vandalism so they better be careful they don’t get caught.