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Malmö In A Day: What To Do And See

You probably know Malmö as the city where the first Ikea was born, but there so much more to it. Since I’m staying in Copenhagen, and the two cities are just divided by a bridge, I jumped on the occasion of going to see Malmö. This city, despite its size, has a lot to offer.

To be honest, I didn’t have high expectations, but I departed from Denmark open-minded (I’m normally more of a fan of naturalistic travel). So I took the bus 999 and headed early in the morning in the capital of the Swedish region of Skåne; and I’m glad I’ve done it. Every place you visit, no matter how different form your expectations will leave you with something.

What to See

So here’s a list of what you can’t miss in Malmö in a day-trip. Mind that here’s a lot more to see but fitting everything in a day is just impossible! So I picked the best of what the city has to offer for different tastes.

Øresund Bridge

Let’s start from the very first thing that you meet on your way to Malmö: Øresund bridge. Opened in 2000, is one of the most spectacular bridges I’ve ever seen. It’s long and it crosses the Northern Sea between Denmark and Sweden. The view of the sea is dreamy and it’s so weird to cross it knowing that you are driving over water. If you want to enjoy this wonderful view, it’s best if you rent a car or you go by bus, the train goes unfortunately underground.

Turning Torso

turning torso

If architecture is your thing, you can’t miss the sight of this residential tower. It’s the tallest building in Sweden and the second in Europe. Built by the spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, is one of the landmarks of the city.

Malmö’s Castle

Located near a beautiful park, It used to be one of the residences of the sovereign of Denmark and now it hosts Malmo’s museum. if you are interested in the history of the city, this is where you need to go.

Malmö Konsthall and Moderna Museet Malmö

For those of you art lovers, I’ll mention the two museums that you can’t miss. The first one showcases a collection of contemporary art while the second focuses on modernity and architecture.

City Parks

park malmo

One of the reasons why I enjoyed Malmö so much, is because of the atmosphere, it’s a small oasis, different from the usual chaotic city. It’s also full of green areas. Personally some of my favorites were Ribersborgsstranden, Slottsträdgården, Kungsparken and Pildammsparken. Aside from those I’ve mentioned, all of them really deserve a visit.

Saint Peter’s and St. John’s Church

If you are a fan of churches, there are two worth mentioning: Saint Peter’s and Saint John’s cathedrals. Their architecture is really beautiful.

The Beach

Finally we get to my favorite spot: the beach. If you cross Ribersborgsstranden, you encounter a seemingly endless grass and, at the very end, the sea. I’m realizing now how much I love it. The sense of calmness and peace that the sea instills in my soul is incredible.

Where To Eat

Food Smak

After strolling around the city for hours, I was famished at lunchtime. First thing that I’ve noticed is how pricy restaurants are, so the best option if you are hungry are cafes or street food. To be honest, I wanted to try something a little more typical, without wasting all my money. So I looked everywhere, live and online, and found a small restaurant called Smak. Let me say that it was one of the best places I’ve ever eaten in, and I live in Italy!

First of all, it was not the normal concept of a restaurant, you basically order a plate either with meat, fish, a vegan one or a sup. The prices are around 13€ per person. Within that cost, aside from the plate you order, you are able to fill other plates at the buffet with awesome veggies and potatoes, they were the best I’ve ever tasted. Also included there’s unlimited bread with butter, there’s also an alternative for celiac: gluten-free crackers. Also, you can fill you water and drink as much as you want to, you can have coffee and tea included as well. The quality of the food was impressive and I left Malmö satisfied.

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Nice post, Chiara 🙂 I’ve been to Malmö on several occasions on two trips, and I still have so much more to see (haven’t been to the beach yet, for example). One other cool place to see is the library. If you love architecture, you can appreciate the contrast between the old section and the new one, and if you like books, you can go inside and walk around.