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World Environment Day 2017: What We Can Do

world environment day

June the 5th is the date of World Environment Day. Today is the perfect day to read about the problems affecting the planet, but also and more importantly, it should be about taking action by helping to preserve nature.

You can find all the info related to this day here, but I’m going to summarize everything in this post for you.

What is the theme of 2017

This is the year of connection between people and nature. That means encouraging people to get outdoors and appreciate the beauty of the planet. This should show us the importance of protecting the Earth for future generations. Canada chose the theme since it’s the host country this year. So the base of operations can be found there.

So…What is World Environment Day

This day is about raising awareness on nature and the importance of protecting it. So anything that has people approaching and embracing the outdoors is a small but positive step towards saving the Earth.

With some alarming growing issues such as pollution, climate change and over-exploitation of the soil, we need to act quickly. This day can remind us of the importance of our actions on the environment that we inhabit.

How can we get involved

As the website mention, World Environment Day is all about the people. We have to do something to take care of the Earth and become agents of change. That ‘something’ can be local, national or global; it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s a positive action.

One way to get involved is to share photos on social media with the hashtag #worldenvironmentday. Today you could also plant a tree, organise litter pick ups, hike or you can contribute to a science project with the app iNaturalist.

There are so many things that you can do with your creativity, so I hope you’ll get involved in this beautiful initiative. Happy World Environment Day!

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I only wish #worldenvironmentday were every day! Thanks for bringing more awareness to this extremely important movement and cause <3


Hey, you learn something new every day. totally did not know today was world environment day! Thanks for sharing this post, really got me thinking today.:)


Its true…every little contribution helps. We can start in our own backyard and do our bits. People are joining movements to clean beaches…all we need is the initiative and the will.


The environmentalist in me is so happy to read this article! Thank you for spreading the awareness.
I believe if people go out and witness the nature in it’s true glory they will celebrate World Environment Day every day! <3


I learn something new every day. This is the first I have heard of World Environment Day. Great job bringing awareness to this critical cause.

Lindsay @ The Neverending Wanderlust

I definitely think it’s important for each and every person to take a vested interest in our environment – #worldenvironmnetday is such a great start! I always find peace in nature and try to commune with it every chance I get. Thanks for sharing a great post on such an important topic!


I never heard of this day! And I did not know either that each year has a theme in this context… i like the concept. And the day; it’s the birthday of my son 🙂


Such a wonderful initiative! It should be celebrated on an ongoing basis! 🙂 The earth needs us. and we need to give back in whatever way we can, starting from our own house, segregating waste , reducing plastic, saving water!


Happy World Environment Day to you too! Nature is a wonderful thing, we all need to take care about it! I am gonna celebrate it this weekend by walking, visiting parks and enjoy the nice weather we have right now!


Every little bit helps in the grand scheme. Sometimes we get caught up on grand gestures. I have always wanted to organize litter pick up for a group but sadly never have. Hopefully one day everyone will have more respect for the earth and not litter everywhere.


Thanks for the reminder! I also wish this was the theme every day 🙂 Always great to draw more awareness to the cause!