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How to Go Zip Lining in Italy

How To Go Zip-Lining in Italy - The Adventure Found Me

Recently I was desperately looking for something adventurous to do, and then…I discovered something badass. Here in Italy, you’ll find the longest zip line of the Alps! So, of course, I had to try it.

The place is called Arcansel (also called “the rainbow flight”) and I found it thanks to some friends who tried it before me, so I knew what I was in for. However, what I didn’t expect, was how fun it actually was.

This is the perfect activity if you want to enjoy some views without the fatigue of hiking or climbing. Also, with the arrival of the nice season who can’t resist some nice views?

What Is Arcansel

This place is basically a zip line, located in Frassinetto, that lasts for about 70 seconds. I know, it’s not that long, but I guarantee that you’ll enjoy every moment of it.

It felt like flying, or how I imagine flying would be. The experience was very liberating and it reminded me that we should enjoy every moment, no matter how short.

It definitely was the experience of a lifetime and I highly recommend it to any adventure and nature lover!

How Does It Work

zip line Arcansel 2

If you don’t know what a zip line is, I’ll quickly wrap it up for you. It’s basically a long wire and you are attached to it thanks to a harness. Then you’ll make a descent suspended in the air. This one reaches a speed of about 140 km/h but I can assure you that you won’t feel it, you’ll be too caught up in admiring the landscape.

How to Get to the Zip Line

So, you booked your experience but you don’t know how to get there? Fear not, I’ll insert all of the info here.

It was surprisingly easy for me to get there, but keep in mind that I don’t live far. First of all, you need to come to Italy, and to be precise in Piedmont, near Turin, its capital city. To kill two birds with one stone, you can also check out Turin, you won’t regret it. Here‘s my guide if you are interested.

Now it’s time to get to the actual zip line. It’s located in Frassinetto. So, my advice is to rent a car, because it’ll be faster than going with public transports. Basically, you need to follow the directions from Turin to Ceresole, up until you see signs pointing to Frassinetto. It’s a 2 hours drive immersed into the Italian countryside. Once in Frassinetto, look for the signs of Arcansel, they will lead you to a parking spot where you can leave your car. Mind that there’s more than one parking spot, one is closer to the zip line, the other is around 400 m away.

Anyway! Once you get there, you’ll be transferred with a small bus to the starting point. The transport will leave you close to your destination, you’ll just need to hike a small hill, around 15 minutes walk, then you’ll be finally there. Remember to be punctual, as they mention on their website, precisely at least 15 minutes in advance.

Important Things to Know

zip line Arcansel

Wear comfortable clothes

This is super important because you’ll have to be comfortable during your flight. Also, you’ll have to hike for 15 minutes on a dirt path to get to the departure point, so you better wear your trekking shoes. Bring a jacket with zip-closed pockets, so you can sneak your phone with you to take photos.

Book Online

There are not many spots each hour to fly,  around 12 I think, so it’s best to book in advance on their website here.

Check how much you weight

If you are flying with  a partner, be sure to check your weight difference, it doesn’t have to exceed 40 kg.

Check the weather

Self-explanatory, but I thinks it’s best to remind you that. If the weather conditions are bad, they won’t let you fly, so it’s best to check in advance the weather forecast. Also, the best time to fly is either spring or summer, because otherwise your flight might be a bit cold and the landscape won’t be as stunning.

Fly in pair to pay less

Flying solo costs 35€ while in pair the fee is 60€, so 30€ each. You would only save 5 €, I know that, but when you travel, every penny counts.

Ask for the Go-pro

The great thing is, you can have a video of your flight for free! Just ask for a Go-pro at the ticket office before your flight. They’ll let you choose between the selfie stick version or the one on your helmet. I picked the latter as you can see in the video above, because I wanted to record the stunning view.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a flight and find out what flying feels like.

Happy and safe adventures to you all!

Photo Credits: Arcansel

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Stephanie | Adventures in Aussieland

Looks like an incredible time! Zip lining is such a fun way to take in the scenery!

Natasha | Meldrums On The Move

This looks AMAZING! You hear of doing this in Asia and other places but I did not know you could do it in Italy. Added to the bucketlist!

Thomas Djukic

This looks amazing i would like to try it also! 😀


This looks really cool I always wanted to zip line, but haven’t yet. It’s also cool they let you use the Go Pro, this way you always have the video. The tips you mentioned are also a good idea, wearing comfortable shoes and checking the weather, don’t know if I would have thought about that. Good job


Hell yeah! Sign me up – just have to book my flights to Italy! Seriously though that looked like so much fun. One of the best parts of travel is you get to do crazy stuff like this.


The video was awesome but eek. For some reason ziplining through the Thai jungle doesn’t freak me out as much as this.


Wow, this is taking zip lining to a whole new level. I just have to try this, the adrenaline rush is calling!

Anna Schlaht

This looks super thrilling! I love the view, but I wonder if I’d have enough time to enjoy it, or if I’d be screaming all the way down since you actually lie on your stomach! Eep! Still, I would totally do this, and have put it on my list for whenever we get to Italy. 🙂

FS Page

Ziplining in Alps!! – Wow.. Sounds like a dream come true. Loved the video in your blog. Just watching the activity made me all goosebumpy. Thanks for sharing the tips.


What an adventurous experience for you! I have zip lined a few times, but I have finally realized that it’s just not for me. I am happier for it to be done and over with versus the actually zip lining experience. But those views look incredible!

Digital Travel Guru

WOW this looks such fun, thanks for all the valuable information shared, loved the photos.


What a great way to get the adrenaline up! I did this a few years ago in Vic Falls and it was so rad!

Happy continued travels!


OMG! I would love to try this very soon! I just couldn’t take my eyes of from your video. I would love to do it with the selfie stick Go pro! Thanks for sharing this amazing place! Cheers!


Very Nice post! I have never tried zip lining because where I live there is not one. If I happen to be in Italy I’ll definitely try.

Russell-Harvey Fernandez

Wow that looks amazing, would love to try zip lining here in Frassinetto. Love the head first position and lovely view to enjoy, even if it’s only for 70 seconds. That’s awesome!


Wow the video is stunning I would like to try it. The view is incredible. You were not scared to do it?

Jatin Chhabra

Zip Line are becoming really popular nowadays. I visited Jodhpur last year and what an experience it was. Really love your tip to carry a Go Pro, it’s worth trying…


What a beautiful setting in which to go ziplining! Alpine scenery really is stunning, and if this has the longest zipline in the Alps, then this is probably the best place to do it. I’m yet to go ziplining, and would love to one day; thanks for rekindling this desire 🙂

Christine Krzyszton

Such a good step by step guide to booking this wonderful experience. I think you did a great job of letting people know what to expect and the guide for getting there is perfect. Super comprehensive post and almost makes me want to try it. Almost.


I have never seen zip lining lying down. In my country it is usually done sitting down, but this looks like an exhilarating experience!

Christine Krzyszton

You did a great job of providing all the information for a traveler to make this experience a reality. Never really heard about zip lining in Italy but why not?! The views are so spectacular. Enjoyed hearing about your experience.


I think 70 seconds would feel like a long time to me when you’re flying through the air like that. It looks exhilarating! It would be worth it for the scenery alone.

Lisa (Simple Sojourner)
Lisa (Simple Sojourner)

I have only been zip lining once and the views were not as beautiful as this one. This one looks awesome! Go Pro all the way too.


Wow that sounds amazing! I checked where Frassinetto is to maybe try it (or at least have the option, I guess I would chicken out last minute) cause we will spent our summer vacation in the italien Alps, but we are too far east to go there actually 🙂

Vibeke Johannessen

This look amazing and you must have felt the adrenaline. I have done this in Australia and Ecuador but not Europe yet. It is so many beautiful places to do it in Europe. The video is awesome too. It is great that you included the important things to know. Especially with the weight, they didnt even ask for that when I did this. I am sure this one has very strict regulations which is good!

Iza (@IzaAbao)

I enjoyed watching your video. This looks so exciting and fun! I think this is one of the highest zip lines that I have seen online. The view looks spectacular too. It is nice to have a buddy when doing an adventurous activity. I’d suggest this to my friends.

Iza c/o Fill My Passport


this is so awesome, and totally badass! I’ll so be doing this on my next trip to the area … and thanks for the tip about booking online and getting the go-pro video


Really nice post and I love the accompanying video. It certainly isn’t cheap to go zip-lining, particularly when you consider it doesn’t exactly last long. But going as a pair certainly does being the price down and really, probably makes it a lot more fun. Unless you have my vertigo that is!


Zip lining is so much fun! I haven’t done it but a couple of times, but would love to zip line in Italy. Love the video!

Linger Abroad

Wow, that looks pretty awesome! It really looks like you’re flying. And it’s cool they give you the GoPro for free; most places would charge for video like that. Great activity!


Wow…this is awesome. I would love to fly like Superman over those hills….I already have my go pro ready for adventures like this.


Hi, I do believe this is an excellent site. I stumbledupon it 😉 I’m going to revisit yet again since I saved as a favorite it.


online learning

Hello! I really love your website 🙂 Zip lining has always fascinated me, can’t wait to try it out


Zip lining seems to me like something you need courage for, am I wrong? Great post, you always help discover something new!